Property Butler create reliable solutions tailored to your specific requirements, offering a variety of services and include; 
Project Management 
Contract Recovery 
Building Pathology : Defect & Accident Investigation 
Clients Representative 
Distribution & Warehouses 
Retail Fit-Outs 
Drone Surveys 
Project Management 
Definition: ‘Project management is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters. Project management has final deliverables that are constrained to a finite timescale and budget.’* 
Successful project delivery requires attention to detail and effective organisation throughout every part of the process. Understanding all aspects of the project lifecycle comes naturally to our experienced team. 
*APM: What is Project Management? 
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Contract Compliance & Cost Recovery 
In recent months we have successfully recovered in excess of £2m for our Clients through identification and contractual recovery of project non-compliance issues. 
Timescales: We have been successful in securing recoveries more than 10 years after project completion for design and material non-conformities. 
Value: The individual costs recovered have ranged from £5,000-300,000. 
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Building Pathology: 
Defect & Accident Investigation 
Building pathology is simply a holistic ‘blinkers removed’ approach to defect and accident investigation. 
Our experience has shown us that this is the only way to ensure the correct determination of causation and thereby enable appropriate advice to be provided. 
We approach all investigative instructions without preconception irrespective of what the immediate evidence may suggest. 
Example 1: 
Spontaneous Glass Panel Failure 
Fire damper settings on a damper 35m away from the point of failure were proven to be the cause of three separate spontaneous toughened glass panel failures, each suspended overhead and measuring 1.8 x 0.9m 
Initial causation suspected as NiS inclusion. 
Example 2: 
Substrate Failure 
A length of stainless steel angle measuring 1800x45x45mm, subsequently found to weigh 3.1kg had fallen approximately 15m from the escalator atrium onto our Clients sales area during trading hours. 
Reports from the store and attending contractor were that the angle was fixed in place only with velcro and that the velcro had failed. 
Our subsequent investigations confirmed causation as substrate failure, the velcro had performed as the designer and manufacturer intended however this had been applied to a newly painted surface. 
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Clients Representative 
Whether agreeing technical specifications with developers or landlords for inclusion within Agreement for Leases; selecting and managing professional teams throughout shell build monitoring; tendering and project management of fit-out activities; we have the experience to assist with your individual needs. 
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Distribution & Warehouses 
During the past decade, we have worked with clients across Europe to provide various distribution and warehouse solutions customised to unique requirements. Ranging from 150,000 sq. ft. extensions to units >1m sqft, each project has been delivered to specific client requirements. 
These solutions have included design features such as APR, ARRS, GOH, high/low bay and automated transport systems (cranes, conveyors and automated guided vehicles). 
The services provided on these projects include the development and negotiation of technical shell specifications, selecting and managing the professional team and through all subsequent project life cycle stages ensuring both technical and lease compliance is achieved. 
Our distribution centre project portfolio is widespread with facilities located in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Spain. 
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Retail Fit-Outs 
Whether high street, mall or outlet operated by a retail giant or an independent boutique, we have a thorough knowledge of retail fit-outs of all sizes, styles and budgets. 
We approach every project individually with the same attention to detail from inception through to completion. 
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Drone Surveys 
Property Butler offer professional drone services for the completion of roof and building condition surveys. 
The process can be completed quickly, easily and safely. Our CAA PfCO status and utilizing in-house CAA qualified pilots mean you can expect an efficient and dependable service. 
What are the benefits? 
There are none of the traditional health and safety concerns associated with complex ground up access arrangements. 
Speed to complete initial inspections and follow up reporting saves time and money providing peace of mind sooner when carrying out emergency inspections. 
Most structures will have features that require routine checks and evidencing condition pre-claim, or at premium renewal stage is hugely beneficial. 
Reliable record information 
Drones capture every detail so that precise condition records can be maintained, images can be reproduced as required with the same exceptional detail. 
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